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Friday, July 2, 2010

Dissecting A Camera

Been a while huh? Here's a story I've been meaning to type for a while now....
Well, the camera that I had last year recently stopped working and we bought a new one. I'm kinda into seeing how the insides of things are and how they work, so I decided to take my old camera apart. Good thing I have my four-in-one screwdriver that comes in handy a lot. As I got further and further towards the lens, I got more and more excited. Once I actually got the lens out of the main camera, I realized that it was similar to an eyeball. Which, of course, reminded me of the day we dissected a sheep eyeball in science class. The outer-most part of the eye (sclera) would be the black plasctic attaching the lens to the main camera part. The wire coming out the back of the lens would be the optic nerve, the inner lens that actually takes the pictures looks like a pupil, and the glass over it is the cornea.

I know, I know...Carolyn would think of this, right? Yes, because I'm a total nerd.
And by the by -- I've only done ONE thing on my summer list....ONE!!! And I only have 68 more days of summer left! I need to get moving....

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