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Monday, May 10, 2010


BLUE SCADOO, WE CAN TOO! Alrighty, then. So, after a grueling day at school, I went shopping with me mum. I couldn't help but be drawn to the cutie behind the check-out...number 6. I tore my eyes away long enough to see that in the shoes isle, were some converse. Converse that may actually fit my feet. I've never understood converse, why they are/were such a big rave. Maybe it's the colors, or the styles, or maybe they're just comfy. Well, I have a friend who has had hers for a while now and the shoes (along with her) went to Japan, Thailand, Korea, and China, so I'm guessing they're also very durable. I decided to see how they were. So I bought a pair of denim blue low tops. They are extremely comfortable. I'm just having trouble matching them with pants.
In other news, my choir's State Choral Festival is this Wednesday. Which means, we have to wear our ugly, black, nylon, evil dresses to school. O_O NOOOOO. But we also have two hours to hang out with friends on the bus. That will be fun. At was last year.....

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