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Monday, May 31, 2010

Thoughts While Making A PB&J

So, what makes me angry is that I can't have both crunchy and creamy peanut butter. Because if you put them both on, you're just going to end up with crunchy. Unless you put crunchy on one side and creamy on the other. But then after I put one on each side, I go to get jam from the can, bottle thing. Yet I can't use the knife in the jam that I used in the peanut butter because then I will get peanut butter in the jam and then my dad will get angry at me. And the same with jam in peanut butter which ever I do first. So then I have to wash off the knife but then I have a wet knife. And I don't want to put a wet knife in the jam, because then there will be water in my jam. But I can't wipe the excess peanut butter left on the knife onto a towel, because then my dad will get mad about the fact that there is peanut butter on a clean towel. Thus, I had to use a wet knife in my jam. After spreading my knife cleanly across the bread, I neatly place the sandwich on a clean plate, and the knife in the sink. And all of this could be reversed if it were jam first and then peanut butter, but still the same problem.

Something so simple turned into a complicated dilema by yours truly.

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